Afro Stas
Ocean Reverberation

Дата релиза: 13.08.2013
Код каталога: [MM01]
Стиль: Psychill, Ambient
Recorded & Mixed by Stas Afro on the beach of the Crimea.

TrackList :

1. Wind from the sea ( intro ) by Afro
2. Silver Down by Artemis
3. Adrift On Deep Water by Blu Mar Ten
4. Aero-mycel by Yucatan
5. Breeze by Manmademan
6. Follow My Whistle by 14 Foner
7. Nostalgia Worship by Bassnectar
8. I unosit menia by Caribace
9. Trying Outwards by Ooze
10. Atmospheric sample by Afro
11. Bright Sunrise by Lab’s Cloud
12. Sea of Sounds by Afro
13. Dubientish by Cypher
14. ...And All The Lights by Event horizon
15. Futurescape by Ibizarre
16. Undo the Future by Outer Heaven
17. Take It Slow by Saafi Brothers
18. Easy Does It by Highpersonic Whomen
19. El cielo by Spacefish
20. Up by Yucatan
21. Son de Aqua by Lunar Sound
22. Free Space by Highpersonic Whomen
23. Free Chill by Green Beats
24. Gopuram by Unknown