Дата релиза: 01.06.2018
Код каталога: [MM072]
Стиль: Bass Music, Glitch Hop, PsyBass, Psybreaks
Compiled & mixed by Mescalita specially for Mudra Music and for the World. June 2018, from Moscow, Russia.


1)A Certain Thickness by Duffrey
2) Passing Through by Alejo
3) Fly (ft. St4rfox & Gaddy) by 5am
4) To Bernie's And Back by Music Simplified
5) Djan's Go by Mouldy Soul
6) Magnifica S by Spacey Koala x Radioactive Sandwich x Nibana x Tron Sepia x Jeremy's Aura
7) Mountain Juice by Dirty Hippy & Spacey Koala
8) Coin Flip by Griff
9) Manifolds by Kin
10) Defazed - HypercubesTechnuality by TEMPI
11) Hypercubes by Defazed
12) Cascade by Axon Genesis
13) Stones & Crystals by Birdwing
14) No Present Like The Time by Polymer
15) Butter Soup by Luke Mandala & David Dewey
16) Event Horizon by Parallax Breakz
17) Back to the World of Dreams by Slackbaba
18)Snowy Streets by Sourone