Код каталога: MDRM014
Мастеринг: Kos.Mos.Music Lab

Обложка: Alexander Bolovintsev
Тип: Album
Формат: Digital, Cassette
Стиль: Bass Music, Electronic, Futuristic
Electronic producer and musician Alexander Bolovintsev AKA Chitoon is going to release his new album entitled “Drowning”. This underground artist is all about stretching genres, pushing boundaries and constant searching on deep musical levels.

The record is blend mix of genres from slow downtempo and hip-hop feel tunes to groovy dance floor shaking compositions. The author has mastered his skill to work with samples. Almost every track on the album contains a catchy vocal melody or rhythmic texture over pulsing kickdrums and progressive percussion along with the analogue based/powerful bass line. Drowning is experimental music at its best: lyric but catchy, deep but easy to understand the assence thus underlining Alexander’s status as a truly soulful artist and excellent producer.