Infinite Loop

Код каталога: MDRM003
Мастеринг: Manifold Studio
Обложка: Chitoon
Тип: EP
Формат: Digital
Стиль: Bass Music, Electronic, IDM
Guess who’s back from his diverse musical experiments and is ready again to seize your mind with earth-shaking bass lines and hypnotic sounds created on analogue synthesisers? Moscow based artist and alternative producer Chitoon returns to his bass music roots that once made his name. Don’t miss 'Infinite Loop' by Chitoon on Mudra Music.

Special intro track welcomes you at once with placid Indian voices, thick noise and slowly growing electronic sounds full of anxiety and anticipation. This magnetic combination delivers pure pleasure to discerning listener. Right after comes pulsating 'Blood'. Straight energetic beat and throbbing bass textures let your mind fly high with the feet firmly rooted on the dance floor. The title track 'Infinite Loop' leads you through snares and high hats, fast breaks and analogue bass lines to viscous trance inflected liquid melody. The demanding screaming sound in the culmination part definitely adds epic intensity to the whole track. Next is 'Shell'. This fearsome and powerful piece of art rushes forward towards constantly shifting spiky melodies that you can’t get out of your head for long time. Slow down in the end and relax with the final track 'Calamity'. Its touching melodies and atmospheric bass lines create a firmly balanced state of mind. Believe us, this EP is not a joke. The musical freedom of its creator has no boundaries. As a result you’ll never know what’s coming next. Neither does the creator.