Telephatic Project

Код каталога: MDRM008
Мастеринг: Kos.Mos.Music Lab
Обложка: Andre Arso
Тип: Album
Формат: Digital
Стиль: Downtempo, Electronic, IDM, Ambient
The transfer of thoughts, feelings and emotions through music is the main idea of debut album «Physalis» by Dmitry Popov. The author has maintained the style of his Telephatic project and managed to keep the fine line between the warm airy atmosphere and cold instrumental sound. Ornate rhythmic drawings with the taste of old school Jungle and the sprinklings of live instruments and light streamy vocal in certain tracks fit together and give the feeling of the free-flight.

Written & produced by Dmitry Popov
Vocal by Olga Petrusenko - 2,9 tracks
Violoncello by Olga Semenova - 2 track
Clarinet by Denis Nikolski - 8 track
Vocal by Katrra - 3,4,8 tracks
Flute by Katrra - 4 track