Invisible Inks
Tools of Perception

Код каталога: MDRM013
Мастеринг: Kos.Mos.Music Lab

Обложка: Helga Yusupova
Тип: EP
Формат: Digital
Стиль: Tribal Bass, Psychill, Bass Music, Dub Step, Glitch Hop
Welcome to an audio-trip enweaved by Veniamin Vigovsky from subtle structures of the psychedelic downtempo and uniting in itself a resinous bass with colours of live instruments. Tools of Perception - that's the name the author of the Invisible Inks project gave to the second album where influence of a cultural context on a person's perception of the world around himself became the main subject.

How was the world seen by ancient people? It's possible to understand it only by having a look at it with eyes of our ancestors. Therefore the aim of this album was to shift listener's consciousness to a body of his distant relative and give the chance to see the world in the way it was seen by shamans and sorcerers of antiquity.