Код каталога: MDRM005
Мастеринг: Manifold Studio
Обложка: Chitoon
Тип: Album
Формат: Digital, Cassette
Стиль: Electronic, Bass Music, IDM
Here we go! Chitoon finally reveals his long awaited second album and we can asure you this record is a huge step up in his creative music career. The artist challenged his ability to seek and find perfect balance between modern, underground and classic. Yoshi is a lovingly produced very soulful album full of kaleidoscopic inspiring sounds. The tracks are full of inner harmony, captivating arpeggios and catchy melodies that raise lyrical emotions in the listener’s heart. Some are a bit technical, groovy and sound more experimental without being way too complicated. This new album is noticeably different from the previous one. The author leads but doesn’t follow. From one track to another it becomes obvious that Chitoon remains true to his signature style that means no music boundaries, genres and styles. The record reflects the artist’s past emotions, views and thoughts on electronic music making.